hoping; fingers crossed

Applied for more jobs today! I’m really hoping something inspiring comes up, I hate to think of starting a job I don’t want to do. Life’s too short. Also am looking for new things to put in my Brisbane flat, so that it’s a little more homey when I move back in. I LOVE these:

They are gorgeous embellished straws for PapermashClick here to download a .pdf at Papermash with project instructions and photos. They are so cute to pin on the wall, frame, or put in a vase. I’m about to make some now!

I am looking forward to getting back to UQ, the lecture halls, new writing books, old text books. It will be a change to be back in the warm, grassy, sandstone home that is St. Lucia. I’m only taking two classes so shouldn’t be overly taxing (:

I also called a friend who works at the Riding for the Disabled centre on the Sunshine Coast to volunteer for a bit while I have so much free time. She said she would let me know if they needed anyone, I hope she calls!


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