“the conversations will become superfluous”

superfluous; Noun: the state or fact of not or no longer being needed or wanted.

I received what I can only assume to be a final e-mail from my now ostensibly ‘lost’ friend. Our conversations will become superfluous. His expression is, as always, perfect, eloquent in its cruelty. He isn’t trying to be cruel. He simply remains unmoved by my tenuous attempts to reinstate our friendship.

I’m angry with him, but what can I do? His reasoning is sound. Our boundaries remain undefined; or, more specifically, our definitions differ intensely. Boundaries, definitions, labels, they are all in place to stop people getting hurt, to communicate clearly the current state of the relationship. Why is it so difficult to reach an agreement? I want to be his friend. [friend; noun: a person you know well and regard with affection and trust] simple. clear. uncomplicated.

It’s funny how people perceive themselves; he described himself to me as ‘cold’. I guess is the best way to put it…This is so far from the truth and yet he has no idea. He is in fact warm, vulnerable, sensitive, and kind. He doesn’t get it. He sees only his weaknesses. i hope you will be happy. I wish he would extend that hope to himself also…it is wasteful to try to change people, even if it is only to improve their happiness; people make their own reality.

Thus I have decided I have nothing further to say on the subject, and will leave whatever resolution that may unfold, if any, up to the universe.


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