Jackpot Noodle Box!

As interior decorating is such a personal endeavour, I’ve always found if you want it done right, do it yourself. Which is why I have taken up making my own things to decorate my space with. (It may also be that I have no job, no study, and no boyfriend on this continent/hemisphere.) All that aside, it’s still actually quite fun and not at all “I have no life” once you get started. Anyway while I was perusing shops today (note: by perusing I actually mean dashing madly to the Maroochydore post-shop where I had my passport-renewal interview, which is behind the BigTop Centre and NOT in the Sunshine Plaza as I had wrongly assumed. Late for my ‘interview’ and panicking, I found out that it wasn’t an interview at all, you just take the form to the counter, they stamp it and charge you 287 dollars.) Anyway, after this intense drop in my bank balance, I still managed to find the courage to shop around, and found these gorgeous little noodle boxes, which I hastily bought.

Mini Noodle boxes are possibly the cutest, most versatile thing in the world! They make a really personal, thoughtful gift or add some of your design-savvy style to your room/house. I decided to do a test run of decorating one, and it turned out super!

The Plain Noodle Box!

The Finished Box: I used this one as a pen pot.

They make really cute gifts, as pen pots, jewellery boxes, whatever really; or you could even use it as a wrapping for another gift. I bought these at Lincraft for $2.49 for a pack of 6.


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