in dreams

I have this dream.

I’m walking down a road, it’s warm, like late summer, maybe 8 p.m. but it’s still light out; the sun is now a warm, pink orangey glow just settled on the horizon as it has been for 2 hours . . . it is a perfect northern hemisphere twilight. the road is warm under my feet and i’m barefoot. there are cherry blossoms lining the road, so thick the tarmac is almost concealed. they are the most delicious shade of pink; pale like strawberry ice cream. i crush them as I walk, though without any intent to destroy. oddly there are no cherry trees, only oak trees that seem as old as the world with huge trunks that 3 people could not fit their arms around. as i look in the distance, all around there is nothing but open fields, and the road i’m walking which seems to stretch to the end of the earth. i’m calling out to someone, like a lost cat, except i know it’s a person who i’m looking for. i can make someone out in the distance but i don’t know who it is, or even what i’m calling out. everything sounds like i’m underwater.

the image flickers away and suddenly i’m looking down, i’m holding someone’s hand but I don’t look up to see who it is. The cherry blossoms remain. All I can see is the hem of a white dress (mine), cherry blossoms, and shoes & jeans on the other person, a man. our fingers are intertwined. now i’m being picked up, spun around, all i can see now is the orange glow moving around me. it’s so warm, someone is laughing. is it me? i’m let down and suddenly i fall back onto a soft bed, white sheets, cuddly soft, warm. i’m not sure if i’m outside or if the ceiling’s made of glass; i can see up into the orange streaked, star riddled sky, i’m looking up through the branches of another tree.  I fall asleep.

I wake up.


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