A little travel journalism

I have just returned from 2 weeks in the lovely motherland of my heritage, Great Britain. Hence the reason that I am awake at 7 a.m. Pacific time, and have been so since about 4 this morning. I took a moutain of photographs and wanted to share some of my favourites.

This is a wheat field in Bosworth, famous for the battle of 1485, where Henry Tudor defeated Richard the III in the last battle of the "War of the Roses".

Another photograph from Bosworth.

two volunteers operate an old fashioned steam train.

The converted football stadium at Highbury now houses these apartments.

The London Eye at dusk.

An iconic red london bus passes Westminster and Big Ben on a warm evening.

I love this last picture as not only did my camera actually work in that it captured the building in perfect focus while the bus appears transient; but it also manages to make London look almost deserted, with just a few figures visible on the bridge. The lighting, too, is unbeatable.

Some swans in the river Avon at Stratford, the home of Shakespeare.

I have a few more photographs left to upload, especially some views from the London eye, but I suddenly feel a wave of tiredness which I shall make the most of while it’s still an acceptable sleeping hour (for a lax uni student, at least…)

[note]: It is precisely one year ago today that I boarded a plane to Los Angeles and went to the United States for my year abroad. Can’t believe how quickly it’s gone, it seems like yesterday. . . Missing it so much.


2 thoughts on “A little travel journalism

  1. Hi Em, Loved you posts – such gorgeous photos – you should really pursue that avenue you have such a natural talent! Not that I am biased or anything. Love M xxx:)

  2. Hey Ebi! Just reading your blog and, wow, I didn’t know how good you were at photography. These are amazing! You should definitely pursuit it! Love! xoxo

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