I do.

As the maid of honour (head bridesmaid? Whatever label applies to the unmarried lass) for my friend’s wedding, I’m pretty much drowning in lace-bordered invitations, flower-arrangements, and bridal couture. I’m currently organising the bridal shower AND the hen’s night as the mother of the bride seems to insist that I’m her personal assistant. I am thinking of making cupcakes for the bridal shower such as these lovelies by “Cupcakes By M”:

I have no idea how she decorates them! They are so beautiful; it’s actually an art form. The exquisite photography is courtesy of my new favourite site, http://www.eatmyshots.com – although her photos make me want to eat everything in sight!

I did do some baking today, but pretty basic chocolate chip cookies. Still delicious, I might add!

Also while sifting through some ideas I found this dreamy wedding on 100LayerCake:

so pretty & romantic. I want one. The scenery reminds me of New York; nostalgia strikes again . . .


2 thoughts on “I do.

  1. Hi there!

    Thanks for the compliments! I’m actually quite surprised that people think highly of my cakes.. its quite overwhelming but refreshing at the same time!!
    You have just made my month!!
    Good luck with the engagement party, I’m sure you can bake pretty cakes too!
    Amazing photos by the way =)


  2. Aww, thank you! And you are so welcome, your cakes are stunning, I don’t know how people can eat them :P (Though I’m sure they’re yummy!)

    Thanks for reading :)


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