Highlights of the Week

Some pretty great things from this week:

(1) Reading Stephen King’s The Dark Half

So intense and scary, I actually have to read it during the day. At the beginning, (well, where I’m up to so far) there are a whole range of different characters who interrelate making different discoveries. King manages to capture the voice of each character without switching to first person writing. The time-line also jumps around pretty erratically, to keep pace, and yet it’s easy to follow. Very impressive. Violent death scenes are definitely Mr. King’s forté.

(2) I read a review earlier this week, in which someone asked “why do films like Killers get made?”

Pretty sure this is why:

That’s all.

(3) This teacup set from Limoges, France. Drinking tea out of a beautiful cup makes all the difference. If you can afford tea after you buy them, that is.

In TV-Land, I finished watching season 3 of Bones and am now totally in love with these two:

Smart people hooking up! Makes my life. Although I have heard that it is somewhat temporary.


So that was pretty much my week; and now I have to go back to studying for an exam next Wednesday, eeeep.

oh and one other thing,this poster makes me want to watch more True Blood.


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