My favourite film . . . definitely worth a watch.

This film is wonderful in two distinct ways. The first is the story. This is a boy-meets-girl story, but it’s so much more *real* than the usual romantic-comedy meet cutes. It’s real in the tragedy of how a new love can turn so ugly. But it’s also real in the sense that there is always hope, of a fresh start or new beginning. It manages to capture the tumultuousness of relationships – the confusion, uncertainty, the way feelings have a way of being terrifying and addictive. It captures, so elegantly, the sense of not knowing yourself, endless indecision, and regret. At the same time, it manages to remind us to put our faith in love, and hope.

The second way this film is brilliant is the direction. This film is told chronologically backwards, so the film begins with the ending of a relationship and shows us how it got there. It’s also set in the person’s mind – inside their memories, showing the very best and worst memories of the relationship. The sets are gorgeous, the editing is perfect, the direction is wonderful. It’s funny and quirky, with that strange ethereal dream quality of being inside a mind.

I can’t get enough of this film, I watch it all the time. The characters are fully dimensional and interesting. Really actually interesting. This film shows from a very human perspective the experiences of life, love, and hope. I love it; it’s beautiful.

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