blood is the new black

all the problems make me wanna go

like a bad girl straight to video

little darling welcome to the show

you’re a failure played in stereo

It was a dark and stormy night . . . no, it actually is. I like it, lots of pretty lightning that makes me wonder what it would feel like if it hit me. Not too much to report this week. Finished reading Michael Chrichton – ages ago actually, haven’t kept up with posting. It was good – the book, I mean, Sphere – but I’m not sure how I feel about the ending. The main character was oddly enough not as interesting as the supporting characters. I enjoyed it though. Lots of science-fiction-y adventure: time-travel, alien space-ships, mind-control & undersea expeditions.

Hen’s night & Bridal shower were good. Have another dress fitting tomorrow. Seems that I’m filling my days with these mundane appointments. I measure out my life in coffee-spoons…

Outlook dreary. Feel like I’m waiting for an apology that I know isn’t coming. Waiting for someone to pick me up off the tracks.



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