I see the decorations are out at all the stores now. Skip over Hallowe’en, I guess. Damn, I miss the USA. Nothing like Hallowe’en in America. Ha. I’m actually quite excited for Christmas this year. Normally it doesn’t really move me until quite close to actual present-getting. But I’m feeling the spirit. Plus, I wasn’t home for it last year, so I’m excited to be home for Christmas. Even though it will probably be 100 degrees. Ah, air-conditioning, love of my life.

Also, I have a particular Christmas-gift in mind. Normally I’m not really bothered, but this is something I actually want really badly.

A digital SLR camera.

Then I get to take pictures like this:

Yay! (Also, yes. You are not the only one to notice my epic mood swing of today, RE: my previous post. Bipolar??)


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