radiohead. Thom weirdly attractive in this video. Probably the blurry shots and shadowy lighting. Still, no less a genius. [edit: I would have posted the song here, but was foiled by “embedding disabled”. Fuck off, EMI records.] Was reminded how much I liked this song when they butchered it in the trailer for the social network. although, actually looks like a good film. David Fincher, you made a movie without Brad Pitt? You’ve changed.


I want my new camera! I will start my new job SOON and then I will have lots of cash and will buy myself the camera.

Having a “I want to go to France” day, presumably because I spoke to Lio.So perhaps I will go to France and write my masterpiece and take lots of cliche photos of la tour eiffel annnd go to Aurillac, la ville des parapluies (don’t ask, it’s true) et la monde sera belle et merveilleuse une fois de plus…

Hmm. I don’t know the correct gender for that noun.

Maybe not France.

I leave you with some beautiful photography, not by me.

Such beautiful colouring, so peaceful and abstract. I want to be in this photo. There is a red line underneath the way I’ve just written “colouring”. Damn you, American spelling. I will defend my use of the letter “u”!

Marion Cotillard. Fits with the french theme, plus, erm, enough said. Also, great couch. Bruno Dayan.

Kate Mcpherson. Pretty commercial, but, the light is really perfect. Plus, caramel baby = win


mm. Pretty pictures cheer up Emma. :)


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