Tis the season

Snow is always good.

I’ve been neglecting my blog for a good few weeks now and I put it down to not having my new camera. However – it has been promised to me as a Christmas gift so soon this page will be overrun with new posts and photographs. I’m so excited!

University classes have ended and I’m searching for a new job, making calls on behalf of social research is becoming a little too unbearable/mundane/soul-destroying. Unfortunately the cup does not runneth over with employment opportunities, though I would settle for an unpaid internship if it meant getting some of that gold-dust that we call work experience. . .

The Christmas cheer keeps me going though, even if it does have a southern-hemisphere twang to it; all our decorations are dusted with icing sugar snow to remind us of home.

I’m missing New York in a big way especially because I had such a lovely Christmas there last year. My friend and I are making plans to visit California in the summer (June) so maybe I can manage a trip out to the East Coast for some well-deserved nostalgia… Photography abound. Speaking of which, I wanted to upload some pictures from the empire state but it may test the strength of my rural internet…

Hmm. Some technical issues thwart me. I will upload when I can!


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