do androids dream of electric sheep?

I’ve never dreamed of sheep. Real or electric. Counting sheep has never helped lull me into the land of nod. Where did this idea come from? Are those fluffy, woolly farm critters tied in some irrevocable way to sleep patterns, I wonder?

As you may have guessed, oh, astute and delightful reader, I can’t sleep. It’s very frustrating because I’m tired. I want to be asleep. But every time I close my eyes I just find myself bored and very much awake. I am thinking about going and making some warm milk. (More farming references . .. interesting.)

Electronics though (not the sheep-shaped kind, the regular, computer/phone/internet shaped kind) may be the root of my problem. I’m always on. At least my cell phone is. My computer is in the room with me – I’m laying in bed right now. So part of my brain is always wandering off toward some electric connection. What’s happening on Facebook? (nothing – never, anything ever. Why do I visit that website?) I’m most definitely addicted to the internet – who isn’t  – but I worry about this constant state of switched on connectedness, particularly in so close proximity – mentally and physically – to my sleeping arrangements. I think if I could switch my brain off and disconnect, I might be able to sleep better.

Any thoughts?

I need to read before bed. I really think that helps; and I don’t mean reading the newest Cracked article on 1940s comics that instruct children how to kill bears with toy guns. (although honestly, that shit is worth a look.) I mean the real, honest-to-god paperback with it’s crinkly corners and coffee mug ring on the cover. I need to get back to those roots !

Ok. So my tired brain has gone into hyperbole mode. Going to try and sleep.

[I’m having something of a personal-life-crisis. Which I think may be tied ever so slightly to this lack of sleep issue. I don’t really want to get into the details right now because honestly they haven’t made themselves totally clear to me. But what I do know is that something is off with me and I need to fix it.]

I wanted to find a picture of a cute little lamb to wrap up this funny little post, but I googled “electric sheep” for fun and discovered a whole academic debate about whether computers, while in rest state, “dream of electric back ups” — thus if you do happen to search this term, you will find pictures like this:

This also appears. But I think I speak for everyone when I ask, what the fuck.

mmm, warm milk is delicious. There’s a sheep on my mug wearing a nightcap. I think I’ve had enough of being awake for now.



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