Champagne toast


So I may have gone a bit mad in the university book store today upon discovering that my text books were “suggested reading” rather than “required” and I had budgeted a 200 dollar spend. So instead I (didn’t spend nearly that much) but I did buy a few unnecessary special things like an Edgar Allen Poe “Vintage” collection (is there a modern one I’m missing out on?) and 2 magazines the New Yorker (For old times sake…) and Frankie which is always filled with splendid and amazing things, like this beautiful fashion website :] and this music blog. Mm. I love buying things!  Yay reading!

It is quite delightful to be back at university and I feel like my last semester will be a bit of an adventure. It’s nice to have a schedule and things to do and places to go. Summer holidays are far too long to be spent all in one town. I met someone today who I am hoping turns out to be lovely and interesting and shiny. In a purely platonic sense. Not looking for that right now. I am liking being my own person, for once.

So new friends and new things and all in all I am pleased. The weather is still pretty unbearable despite being the first day of Autumn today (Happy Autumn, Southern Hemisphere!) so air-conditioning is a must, but I’m hoping it starts to cool off fairly soon as I miss the cold weather (“cold”) and yummy warm clothes and tea and hot chocolates.

Also the title of this post has nothing to do with a content. It’s the name of the shade of my nail polish and it conjures up all these tasty bubbly warm buttery feelings that I feel at the moment. :)



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