Nine Inch Nails: Soundwave 09

Nine Inch Nails at Soundwave 2009. Unfortunately I didn’t have my good camera with me, as I was worried for its safety, so I took my compact digital, so the quality isn’t as sharp as I’d hoped it would be. However, I think these photos capture the ambiance of the show – particularly this first one where the crowd was waiting for NiN to come on stage, there was such a huge wave of anticipation and excitement and almost desperation in the air. The set was incredible, mostly playing songs from the 2005 album “With Teeth” and the more recent “The Slip” but also a few classics like “Closer” and of course, “Hurt”, which will, for me, always be a Nine inch Nails song, no matter how fantastic the covers are. Reznor’s performance of “Hurt” was heartbreaking, his voice broke several times from the sheer emotional pressure this song inflicts. “Survivalism” from 2008s “The Slip” had amazing energy and the crowd was so amped up. There was this amazing connection between the artist and the crowd, just an absolute intense love for this industrial music that was so fantastic to witness. Reznor is so emotive even with his somewhat restrictive lyrics – that is, a lot of repetition of single lines, similar themes throughout whole albums – but he manages to convey a huge emotional depth through his performance. He’s incredibly skilled in the actual production of songs that the lyrics become a sort of translation of the instrumental message, a bonus almost. This was probably one of the best shows I’ve seen, and I hope I get to see them perform again.


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