flowers of naivety…

I haven’t been writing on here too much lately, I hope because I’m actually having a bit more of a life which is always desirable. I’m also working on a series of short stories, so i’m kind of exhausted in the prose department. I think the only reason I’m writing them is to give me some idea that I *might* be successful as a fiction writer so the looming premise of unemployment after graduation doesn’t seem quite as depressing…

Pictured: panic.

I have two assignments for class that I’m just absolutely lost on; one of them, a news piece, I know what I have to do and how to do it but the prospect of actually organizing myself is a little unbearable right now – my concentration span is about 5 se- – the second assignment is this research project where I have to do my own, original research which, many moons ago when I was choosing my subjects for this final semester (not a *whole* lot of choice, mind you) seemed like it would be delightfully easy (I don’t have to go to lectures? I’m in…) has now presented itself as a horrible fucking mess.

I did some work on it today and feel a little better about it but my most successful strategy for dealing with it so far is ignoring it and listening to Nine Inch Nails and drinking. I have been binging for about 4 days on Nine Inch Nails (not alcohol, calm down) because when I told my lovely friend Alexander that I was considering getting a tattoo with Beatles’ lyrics, he was horrified (as was I) to learn that I hadn’t considered the beautiful Mr. Reznor for my ink. Shocked at myself, I decided to listen to every single fucking NIN song there is, and was kind of mind blown by how perfect every line is . . . so I’ve picked a new tattoo, and am exceedingly pleased :) (I’ve also been reminded of how *HOT* Trent Reznor is – circa the 80s – Closer, anyone?)

Just. um. Yes.

So procrastination is the flavour of the month. I watched “The Virgin Suicides” and just thought, what the fuck is this movie about. It was stunningly directed – a la Sofia Coppola – but literally nothing happens except Kirsten Dunst is supposed to be a fourteen year old even though she looks older than her “older” sisters, and has sex a lot, and then all the sisters *SPOILER* (sarcasm, it’s in the title….) commit suicide, for no apparent reason other than they weren’t allowed out to see boys. I honestly did not get it. And it kind of felt like a mockery of suicide, somehow. I kind of want to see Red Riding Hood, for no other reason than this:

Suckerpunch looks awesome too, although the reviews are pretty bad… I don’t care. Emily Browning is blonde, and it’s amazing. So it definitely seems like I should have lots to distract me from my work…. :D Some other film that I’ve never heard of called “Never Let Me Go” looks really good, I don’t know when/if it’s coming out here, but it’s like this alternate reality where people are bred specifically for organ donations, but it’s all set in like this beautiful english countryside town… kind of intrigued! Carey Mulligan and Andrew Garfield, so, can’t really go wrong there (Keira Knightly is also in it but, I’m not going to let that put me off…) Anyway. Distractions abound. I should get back to work… Or reading Lolita. :)))


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