Winter has officially arrived, and I am soaking it in while it lasts in the lucky country! I *love* dressing  up for winter, coats and scarves and warm fluffy jumpers, go so perfectly with cuddles and hot chocolate… yummy. While Australian winters don’t quite compare to the Christmas season I spent in New York, it’s amazing how quickly I adapted back to the climate here and find myself getting cold when it’s 15 degrees … (even though I survived negative 20 across the pond.)

   I’ve just applied for a job as an editorial assistant at Culture magazine and I’m really hoping I at least get interviewed for the position … It would be so much fun & writing for a magazine is basically my dream job at the moment ! So we will see how that goes. At the moment I’m doing an unpaid internship with Wesley Mission Brisbane working in their marketing & communication department which is a lot of fun – I basically write press releases and pitch stories to local papers. It’s a really nice place to work though and I feel like I’m contributing to something good.

Haven’t taken any photos recently as I’ve been swamped with work trying to get everything finished before graduation! I have one piece of assessment left and then I’ll be done – although, it’s a beautiful afternoon outside today so I might do some now.

  My short story series is coming along pretty well I’ve almost finished the first installment which I’m planning on submitting to the Queensland State Library’s Young Writers competition – prize is 2,000 dollars and possible publishing opportunity which would be amazing! So I need to get that finished! I’m really self-conscious about my fiction work so to get some feedback from professional writers would be really good for me I think. So things are moving in the right direction :) Yay!

Also I recently got Photoshop so I’m hoping I will be able to edit my pictures more professionally soon, I just have to figure out how to use it as it’s not particularly intuitive software … but there is a mass of information online so I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it.

So there’s my update. God, I miss the snow…


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