Forties Fashion reVamped

Fashion news update here.

Firstly, Alexander Skarsgard is a delicious Swedish gem in the 40s inspired Vogue shoot “Spell Bound”. I love this fashion and not to mention the gorgeousness that is A.S. It also reminds me that I really need to catch up on True Blood. Enjoy.

This is the 40s at its finest. Look at that blue suit. Look at those leopard print accessories – that, my friends, is how to wear leopard print. Sparingly and with great helpings of classiness.

Click to see more pretty boys & girls.

This is such a gorgeous shot. It’s so cheeky and explicit, while somehow managing to retain that kind of effortless glamour chic. Her lips are pure BJ heaven, too. ;) Alexander’s face makes me laugh. (In this shot, not in general. In general it inspires adoration.)

That suit is classic, classic, classic. I love it. All men should wear this suit. Often. Don’t like her outfit in this one since I’m not a fan of fur, faux or otherwise. Her lips and cheekbones look amazing though. Black & white always adds drama.

In other Vogue news, Emma Watson is on the cover and I really don’t like the photos. They’ve tried to make her look older & sophisticated but her face is too sweet to pull it off. Compare the new photo shoot to the one she did in Italian Vogue last year — which is so pretty, young, carefree. I don’t know why they’ve tried to make her look ultra modern.

See? It’s hard to make Emma Watson look bad. But they’ve stuck her in a metallic dress and slicked back her hair and voila. Looks like I’ll be reading Vogue Italia from now on… (Or at least looking at the pictures until I brush up on my Italian ;)

In even more (and better) Vogue news, we are seeing an increase of plus size models on the cover. I loove plus size models! It’s really positive and inspiring to see real women with real figures on the covers. Not that I’m hating on the thin girls, because I love thin girls too and lots of women are naturally petite, and I feel like “skinny-bashing” is the wrong way to go. I don’t think girls should starve themselves to look good. But if you’re naturally thin, you should feel beautiful too. Basically my motto: healthy = beautiful. I read this really sad story (though thankfully, with a happy ending) about model Crystal Renn who used to be 95 pounds and 5’9”. She starved herself and exercised excessively and put her health in serious danger.

” I didn’t see that my inner wrists looked like pale blue birds’ wings you could crush with a breath. I didn’t see my concave chest. All I saw was the gap between my upper thighs. Finally, the gap.”

After a while her body rebelled against her and she started to gain weight. At a size eight the photographer screamed at her that she couldn’t be photographed because she was “huge”. After a long struggle Crystal decided to let herself be herself and go into plus size modelling at a healthy weight. Look at her! She’s gorgeous.

She looks like a real, beautiful woman. Even while researching this post I’ve come across “pro-ana(rexia)” sites looking for “thinspiration”. It’s just awful. I’m concerned for women’s body image… but it’s a hard nut to crack. Very hard when it’s ingrained into you every day by the tv, movies, magazines and internet that if you’re not a size zero, you’re not worth anyone’s time. Anyway. This is supposed to be a fashion post; perhaps I will get more into body image in another article.

Finally finally, Louis Vuitton, whose advertisements I always love for their striking and perfect photography, have got Angelina on a boat in Cambodia for their newest ad. As usual, it’s stunning and she’s stunning. Love it. Lots of people have (strangely) been selling this as “Angelina without make-up!”) even though she clearly has make up on. I don’t know why beige lips/cheeks is apparently the new no-make-up. (hint: it’s not).

Here it is and I will leave you with some other glorious LV ads to swoon at.

Angelina rocks the khaki

Scarlett, in another lovely example of perfect lips ;)

People I don't know but think might be famous ;)


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