Long time no see!

Lovely readers, hello!

Have not written in a few weeks as I have been awfully busy graduating university and getting a job. I’m actually employed! I’m working for a not-for-profit organisation in their PR department. Having a ball. At the moment we are putting together a magazine so I’m getting to do lots of interviews and writing for our internal press as well as negotiating with journalists to get stories out in the world. There are also lots of opportunities for me to hone my photography skills and I think soon I’ll be taking a graphic design class. It’s really fun to be learning new things along the way, although I already miss student life — the discounts, the lay-ins… I have to be a real adult now.

Really did not expect to have a job in my chosen field so quickly after graduation, so I feel really lucky and happy!

Fitness wise I have kind of fallen off the wagon a little bit the last couple of weeks.. I’m trying to eat healthy by cramming in lots of fruit, veg, water and protein but I’m having trouble getting to the gym after work, when all I want to do is crawl into bed and read a good book. I do feel healthier though so I’m giving myself a bit of a break. I will definitely get back to running soon though, it’s really good for my mood as well as the obvious fitness benefits… It’s extra-hard in this cold weather, too! (Excuses, excuses…)

Writing is progressing nicely. I submitted my first sci-fi/fantasy short story to a QLD competition which I will hopefully get feedback on later this month. Really hoping I get some positive news as I think it will boost my fiction writing standing and also give me a bit more confidence in that area… I’m working on a new short story too — not in the same genre or canon at all — so I’m feeling pretty inspired :)

Living on my own while Luce has been up on the Coast for her holidays so I’ve had free reign in the kitchen and discovered some delicious treats. Strawberries are super sweet lately and pretty cheap compared to other berries. This recipe makes a tasty treat and is really simple to make! Nothing like a classic strawberry pie to remind you of warm summery days & juicy goodness. Enjoy ;)

My parents have flown off to England for a holiday and I’m very jealous… I really want to travel again it feels like forever since I’ve been out in a new country. I love that feeling of being free and in a new place experiencing all those firsts a new country has to offer… Will make plans for the future. Hopefully not too far.

That’s all from me I’m feeling like I might just get up and out and running tonight. We’ll see ;)

P.S. if you’re bored & want to make something, check out the projects here: http://afieldjournal.blogspot.com/ so many cute ideas and fun things :)


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