Mayhem Update

So my “detox” is going alright, I’m actually quite surprised at myself. I’ve been eating lots of fruit and veg and cutting back on the chocolate. I’ve started a running program that promises to have me running 5 k in 8 weeks (we will see…) Feeling pretty good, although I still can’t wake up in the morning. I snooze my alarm for like an hour! I am getting my gym attendance up, though, I’ve been twice this week and aiming for three. The best thing about exercise though isn’t the physical benefits (although those are lovely too) but the emotional lift I get afterwards is pretty much the reason I do it.

I’m a sensitive soul and it’s difficult for me to shake off feelings of apathy or sadness once I get into that state of mind.  Things are much better for me now due to a number of reasons, but regular exercise has definitely helped. Getting out and doing something lets me feel like I’ve achieved something and also the physical release of endorphins really helps my mood. So, in short, stop reading this and go out for a walk! (Ok, you can finish reading this post. I know it’s scintillating and deliciously written.)

There’s a team at WMB that are doing Bridge to Brisbane and I’m considering it … (it’s a 5 or 10 k run to raise money.) I don’t know if I’ll be in shape by the time it’s on, I think I only have another month. Maybe next time … I have more to say but I have to run out right now, so I will probably update this later :)

Lots of love, my little ones!


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