‘Marine Commando Diet’ – An Experiment

So I am always looking for miraculous weight-loss remedies that will transform me into Kate Moss (I know it always boils down to diet and exercise, but hear me out). A lovely girl at work has introduced me to the ‘Marine Commando Diet’ and for a bit of a laugh I have decided to give it a go. Samantha certainly was not overweight in any sense, but after trying this she definitely looked slimmer. I have to check if she did it for one or two weeks – I think only one. She also said she did about four sessions of moderate exercise, so I’ll chuck those in too – mostly walking the dog, but I may find time for a HOT YOGA session. (HOT YOGA always deserves all caps).

You can find the details of the diet here. It consists of a LOT of eggs, protein, vegetables, fruit and not much else. It says black coffee is allowed but I’m taking tea (because, come on, I can’t function without it.) My experiment is to see what (if any) weight I lose and whether I feel awful or OK. I am definitely taking inspiration from Dawn Porter’s documentary ‘Super Slim Me’ which is fabulous and you should watch if you have an hour or so.

Here goes!

Starting details: Weight 65kgs. (*disclaimer: I do not consider myself overweight. Just average.) Height 170cm (not expected to change).

Day 1) The All Egg Day

8:00am So it’s breakfast time and I couldn’t face three eggs (I’m a small eater) so I poached two with a cup of tea. I really felt like eggs, but half way through the second one and they are already sticking in my craw. Eggs without toast (buttery, buttery toast…) are really dry. And kind of flavourless – it’s more of a texture than anything else. This is going to be a long week.

6:00pm Almost time for dinner. I had two boiled eggs at lunch. Officially bored of eggs. I was so intensely craving something sweet I had to force Brendon (well, it didn’t take that much convincing) to eat the remaining Tim Tams in the house so I wouldn’t be tempted. I’ve now got a cup of tea with a tiny bit of sugar in it to help me along. Brendon is going to have bacon, eggs, beans and toast for tea and I will just have eggs. I am sad.

I also went for a walk today, about 3km with Harley. I tripped over, scraped my knees and sprained my foot (and yes, there were witnesses). Universe, why punish me when I show you nothing but love?!

Day 2) Day 2, Thy Name Is Fruit (and a sneaky hot chocolate)

6:43pm This morning I had grapefruit (note to self – I don’t think I like grapefruit very much, bit tart and generally unsatisfying) followed by a lunch of fruit salad. It doesn’t specify what fruit so I had strawberries, grapes and bananas, with a cup of tea. It was pretty yum but now it’s almost 7 and I am seriously starving. I did indulge in a tiny hot chocolate in the car on the way home for a sugar hit. It’s really dawning on me how much I allow myself to snack during the day without even really thinking about it! A bit worrying really. I’m about to prepare dinner – steak, with raw carrots, cucumber and skinny hummus. The diet says tomatoes and cottage cheese, but I don’t like either of those so I’m substituting.

All in all feeling ok today, noticeably hungry this afternoon but I’m managing. I had planned to walk Harley but it’s raining and my foot (and pride) still hurts.

Day 3) Substitution, et al

I walked 4km today with Harley! Very impressed with myself. And I didn’t even fall over. Diet-wise I varied quite a bit from the plan today but still ate well; I had fruit salad for breakfast, steamed fish and vegies for lunch, a banana smoothie and avocado on toast for dinner. In the late afternoon I was feeling pretty tired and had a headache, which could be me detoxing? If that’s a real thing? Or I could just have a headache. Who knows!

I did see the lovely Rochelle this evening (Hi Chelle :) so that made the day infinitely better!

More to come…



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