New Year, New Blog!

2014 has been a huge year for me! (Side note – can we all agree to stop using 2K14?) I have moved from Aus to the UK and am currently looking out my window to a frosty paddock.

I want to make a commitment to write more in 2015 and since I’m no longer in GMT+10, I want to start a new blog. I will keep the GMT+10 posts up as an archive.

You can follow my new blog here:

See you there x


‘Marine Commando Diet’ – An Experiment

So I am always looking for miraculous weight-loss remedies that will transform me into Kate Moss (I know it always boils down to diet and exercise, but hear me out). A lovely girl at work has introduced me to the ‘Marine Commando Diet’ and for a bit of a laugh I have decided to give it a go. Samantha certainly was not overweight in any sense, but after trying this she definitely looked slimmer. I have to check if she did it for one or two weeks – I think only one. She also said she did about four sessions of moderate exercise, so I’ll chuck those in too – mostly walking the dog, but I may find time for a HOT YOGA session. (HOT YOGA always deserves all caps).

You can find the details of the diet here. It consists of a LOT of eggs, protein, vegetables, fruit and not much else. It says black coffee is allowed but I’m taking tea (because, come on, I can’t function without it.) My experiment is to see what (if any) weight I lose and whether I feel awful or OK. I am definitely taking inspiration from Dawn Porter’s documentary ‘Super Slim Me’ which is fabulous and you should watch if you have an hour or so.

Here goes!

Starting details: Weight 65kgs. (*disclaimer: I do not consider myself overweight. Just average.) Height 170cm (not expected to change).

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At Home Hair Masks – Probably Not Worth The Effort

It was a dark and stormy night …. when I was overcome with the urge to try a homemade hair mask (read: I’m spending too much time on Pinterest). I had all the ingredients in my kitchen (a rare blessing for me) which included an egg (yolk only – who wants those pesky whites in their hair?) vodka, olive oil (‘ONLY USE EXTRA VIRGIN’ – obviously) and honey. There may have been baking soda in there too; I’d had some wine by this point.

I made up my little concoction in a rush, hoping Brendon wouldn’t come into the kitchen and ask me what on Earth I was making. My dog looked at me like I had gone mad, whisking up a little bowl of vodka-honey-egg-surprise.

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Mum of two stays positive with MS

Louise Remmerswaal, a 44 year old mother of two, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) 11 years ago. According to the MS society, over 21,000 Australians have been diagnosed with MS. There is no known cause or cure and the disease is always unpredictable. Louise has progressive MS, which means her condition may continue to deteriorate over time.

For some this news might have been a heavy blow to their optimism, but Louise has persevered through her diagnosis to make her life work for her.

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OzHarvest Brisbane sows goodwill

OzHarvest’s newest branch, operating out of Brisbane, has had an inspiring first six months. The food rescue program picks up unwanted excess food from supermarkets, restaurants and other food outlets and delivers them the same day to charities feeding people in need.

OzHarvest Brisbane are currently averaging 1800 kilograms of food per week – feeding around 200 people per day at a number of charitable agencies around Brisbane.

Last week the organisation collected 1600 kilograms of unwanted food from Soundwave, a massive Brisbane music festival. That unwanted food and drink, that included fruit and cheese platters, would have gone to waste had the yellow truck not come to its rescue. As a result they were able to provide a meal for men and women at the Pindari Shelters among other places.

OzHarvest Brisbane Coordinator Cameron Hickey recently travelled out west to the flood-ravaged town of Mitchell.

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