New Year, New Blog!

2014 has been a huge year for me! (Side note – can we all agree to stop using 2K14?) I have moved from Aus to the UK and am currently looking out my window to a frosty paddock.

I want to make a commitment to write more in 2015 and since I’m no longer in GMT+10, I want to start a new blog. I will keep the GMT+10 posts up as an archive.

You can follow my new blog here:

See you there x


‘Marine Commando Diet’ – An Experiment

So I am always looking for miraculous weight-loss remedies that will transform me into Kate Moss (I know it always boils down to diet and exercise, but hear me out). A lovely girl at work has introduced me to the ‘Marine Commando Diet’ and for a bit of a laugh I have decided to give it a go. Samantha certainly was not overweight in any sense, but after trying this she definitely looked slimmer. I have to check if she did it for one or two weeks – I think only one. She also said she did about four sessions of moderate exercise, so I’ll chuck those in too – mostly walking the dog, but I may find time for a HOT YOGA session. (HOT YOGA always deserves all caps).

You can find the details of the diet here. It consists of a LOT of eggs, protein, vegetables, fruit and not much else. It says black coffee is allowed but I’m taking tea (because, come on, I can’t function without it.) My experiment is to see what (if any) weight I lose and whether I feel awful or OK. I am definitely taking inspiration from Dawn Porter’s documentary ‘Super Slim Me’ which is fabulous and you should watch if you have an hour or so.

Here goes!

Starting details: Weight 65kgs. (*disclaimer: I do not consider myself overweight. Just average.) Height 170cm (not expected to change).

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Mayhem Update

So my “detox” is going alright, I’m actually quite surprised at myself. I’ve been eating lots of fruit and veg and cutting back on the chocolate. I’ve started a running program that promises to have me running 5 k in 8 weeks (we will see…) Feeling pretty good, although I still can’t wake up in the morning. I snooze my alarm for like an hour! I am getting my gym attendance up, though, I’ve been twice this week and aiming for three. The best thing about exercise though isn’t the physical benefits (although those are lovely too) but the emotional lift I get afterwards is pretty much the reason I do it.

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Long time no see!

Lovely readers, hello!

Have not written in a few weeks as I have been awfully busy graduating university and getting a job. I’m actually employed! I’m working for a not-for-profit organisation in their PR department. Having a ball. At the moment we are putting together a magazine so I’m getting to do lots of interviews and writing for our internal press as well as negotiating with journalists to get stories out in the world. There are also lots of opportunities for me to hone my photography skills and I think soon I’ll be taking a graphic design class. It’s really fun to be learning new things along the way, although I already miss student life — the discounts, the lay-ins… I have to be a real adult now. Continue reading


The whole idea of winter is lovely. Cuddling up by the fire, reading in bed, hot chocolates and walks in the park rugged up in your winter jacket and boots.

In reality, Winter sucks. It’s freezing when I get out of bed in the morning. I crave junk food and carbs all the time. I can’t motivate myself to get to gym because it’s too bloody cold. My skin is dry and I just feel like crap.

SO! I’ve decided to cut the bullshit and get to work, and be disciplined with myself. I thought I would write about it as it might at some motivation to stick with it, so I don’t fail (or resort to lying) in front of all my lovely readers. All two of you. ;)

No more chocolate and crap. Healthy meals. Less alcohol (let’s set some realistic standards here) and more gym.

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Forties Fashion reVamped

Fashion news update here.

Firstly, Alexander Skarsgard is a delicious Swedish gem in the 40s inspired Vogue shoot “Spell Bound”. I love this fashion and not to mention the gorgeousness that is A.S. It also reminds me that I really need to catch up on True Blood. Enjoy.

This is the 40s at its finest. Look at that blue suit. Look at those leopard print accessories – that, my friends, is how to wear leopard print. Sparingly and with great helpings of classiness.

Click to see more pretty boys & girls.

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I know I said earlier that my short story is going well, but, reading over it, it’s a total mess. My characters are flaky. I have too much information and am trying to jam it all into 2500 words. I really want it to work because I know what it is I want to get across, and it’s a really awesome story, but not coming together… I still have another month and a bit before the competition, so I will sort it out. It’s just moments like these when my head is pounding and I’m trying fruitlessly to finish it that really sucks. On a brighter note, I found an awesome article about short story writing, and it is quite cheery to read!

“I wouldn’t claim to be an expert on short fiction writing, but I have written over a hundred of the little fuckers, a large proportion of which have been science fiction-y. Here are a bunch of do’s and don’ts, that I discovered the hardest way possible.” (Read more)

That whole website is really fun, if you’re into sci-fi stuff. Love it! Also after reading their review of X-men: First Class I really want to see it! Waiting till I’m on the coast so I can see it with Brendon :) Win!

I need to work on my essay too… last piece of university assessment! but I keep getting distracted by the internet….Anyway. Back to work.