At Home Hair Masks – Probably Not Worth The Effort

It was a dark and stormy night …. when I was overcome with the urge to try a homemade hair mask (read: I’m spending too much time on Pinterest). I had all the ingredients in my kitchen (a rare blessing for me) which included an egg (yolk only – who wants those pesky whites in their hair?) vodka, olive oil (‘ONLY USE EXTRA VIRGIN’ – obviously) and honey. There may have been baking soda in there too; I’d had some wine by this point.

I made up my little concoction in a rush, hoping Brendon wouldn’t come into the kitchen and ask me what on Earth I was making. My dog looked at me like I had gone mad, whisking up a little bowl of vodka-honey-egg-surprise.

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Tis the season

Snow is always good.

I’ve been neglecting my blog for a good few weeks now and I put it down to not having my new camera. However – it has been promised to me as a Christmas gift so soon this page will be overrun with new posts and photographs. I’m so excited!

University classes have ended and I’m searching for a new job, making calls on behalf of social research is becoming a little too unbearable/mundane/soul-destroying. Unfortunately the cup does not runneth over with employment opportunities, though I would settle for an unpaid internship if it meant getting some of that gold-dust that we call work experience. . .

The Christmas cheer keeps me going though, even if it does have a southern-hemisphere twang to it; all our decorations are dusted with icing sugar snow to remind us of home.

I’m missing New York in a big way especially because I had such a lovely Christmas there last year. My friend and I are making plans to visit California in the summer (June) so maybe I can manage a trip out to the East Coast for some well-deserved nostalgia… Photography abound. Speaking of which, I wanted to upload some pictures from the empire state but it may test the strength of my rural internet…

Hmm. Some technical issues thwart me. I will upload when I can!

A little travel journalism

I have just returned from 2 weeks in the lovely motherland of my heritage, Great Britain. Hence the reason that I am awake at 7 a.m. Pacific time, and have been so since about 4 this morning. I took a moutain of photographs and wanted to share some of my favourites.

This is a wheat field in Bosworth, famous for the battle of 1485, where Henry Tudor defeated Richard the III in the last battle of the "War of the Roses".

Another photograph from Bosworth.

two volunteers operate an old fashioned steam train.

The converted football stadium at Highbury now houses these apartments.

The London Eye at dusk.

An iconic red london bus passes Westminster and Big Ben on a warm evening.

I love this last picture as not only did my camera actually work in that it captured the building in perfect focus while the bus appears transient; but it also manages to make London look almost deserted, with just a few figures visible on the bridge. The lighting, too, is unbeatable.

Some swans in the river Avon at Stratford, the home of Shakespeare.

I have a few more photographs left to upload, especially some views from the London eye, but I suddenly feel a wave of tiredness which I shall make the most of while it’s still an acceptable sleeping hour (for a lax uni student, at least…)

[note]: It is precisely one year ago today that I boarded a plane to Los Angeles and went to the United States for my year abroad. Can’t believe how quickly it’s gone, it seems like yesterday. . . Missing it so much.

“the conversations will become superfluous”

superfluous; Noun: the state or fact of not or no longer being needed or wanted.

I received what I can only assume to be a final e-mail from my now ostensibly ‘lost’ friend. Our conversations will become superfluous. His expression is, as always, perfect, eloquent in its cruelty. He isn’t trying to be cruel. He simply remains unmoved by my tenuous attempts to reinstate our friendship.

I’m angry with him, but what can I do? His reasoning is sound. Our boundaries remain undefined; or, more specifically, our definitions differ intensely. Boundaries, definitions, labels, they are all in place to stop people getting hurt, to communicate clearly the current state of the relationship. Why is it so difficult to reach an agreement? I want to be his friend. [friend; noun: a person you know well and regard with affection and trust] simple. clear. uncomplicated.

It’s funny how people perceive themselves; he described himself to me as ‘cold’. I guess is the best way to put it…This is so far from the truth and yet he has no idea. He is in fact warm, vulnerable, sensitive, and kind. He doesn’t get it. He sees only his weaknesses. i hope you will be happy. I wish he would extend that hope to himself also…it is wasteful to try to change people, even if it is only to improve their happiness; people make their own reality.

Thus I have decided I have nothing further to say on the subject, and will leave whatever resolution that may unfold, if any, up to the universe.