Champagne toast


So I may have gone a bit mad in the university book store today upon discovering that my text books were “suggested reading” rather than “required” and I had budgeted a 200 dollar spend. So instead I (didn’t spend nearly that much) but I did buy a few unnecessary special things like an Edgar Allen Poe “Vintage” collection (is there a modern one I’m missing out on?) and 2 magazines the New Yorker (For old times sake…) and Frankie which is always filled with splendid and amazing things, like this beautiful fashion website :] and this music blog. Mm. I love buying things!  Yay reading!

It is quite delightful to be back at university and I feel like my last semester will be a bit of an adventure. It’s nice to have a schedule and things to do and places to go. Summer holidays are far too long to be spent all in one town. I met someone today who I am hoping turns out to be lovely and interesting and shiny. In a purely platonic sense. Not looking for that right now. I am liking being my own person, for once.

So new friends and new things and all in all I am pleased. The weather is still pretty unbearable despite being the first day of Autumn today (Happy Autumn, Southern Hemisphere!) so air-conditioning is a must, but I’m hoping it starts to cool off fairly soon as I miss the cold weather (“cold”) and yummy warm clothes and tea and hot chocolates.

Also the title of this post has nothing to do with a content. It’s the name of the shade of my nail polish and it conjures up all these tasty bubbly warm buttery feelings that I feel at the moment. :)


Paris, Je t’aime

So I’m at my parents house going out of my mind.

Literally, I’m going crazy here. I love my parents, and it’s not them that’s making me insane, it’s this town. There is nothing to do. My days consist of going to the gym, eating sushi and renting old movies. All of this to you, casual reader, probably doesn’t sound too unbearable, until you do it for 3 months straight and start to develop a seafood allergy.

The odd thing is, I have so much free time and yet somehow the days get away from me. I’ve only done one or two photography shoots – the problem being there’s nothing to shoot. I went to the beach and got some beautiful beach shots, none of which I can upload on here because the internet is so damn slow. I’m working casually at a restaurant with some really fun people, but unfortunately all the tourists have disappeared thanks to Queensland becoming a disaster area. What they don’t realize is that our little area is fine, no floods, no fires, no raining sulphur. Just some sunny weather and sandy beaches.

Pictured: Queensland

I start back at university soon which I think will be a relief, even though I’m not feeling too enthused about any of my classes this semester. Still, at least I will be out of the house and working rather than sitting around. Just being at university and soaking up the ambiance of lots of smart people gathering makes me feel happy.

So my grand plan after I graduate (assuming I don’t fail any classes; but I’ve never failed any so I don’t see why I’m going to start now . . . ) is to get a full time job doing anything (excluding what you’re thinking of now, pervert.) so I can save up and go to Speos. This is a photography institute in Paris, France (in case you were thinking Texas) and they have like 6 month courses that get you all kinds of cool european qualifications. Plus it means I have an excuse to bum around Paris. ! I haven’t applied yet so I don’t even know if I’ll get in, or how hard that is.

So it fulfils my wanton need to travel, learn something I love doing and might possible get me the coolest job in the world. Maybe.

My parents seem to be desperate all of a sudden for me to get into advertising. (What they both do.) I’m not sure where this came from because I like WRITING and PHOTOGRAPHY. I don’t like bullshitting clients about why “Got Milk” is going to sell lots and lots of dairy. Not that it wouldn’t make me lots of money, but …. i’m just not sure it’s for me. I’m not a “corporate” type. I’m a quirk. I like to be on my own schedule, in some studio apartment in some european capital, drinking black coffee and writing about films. Or something like that. I don’t think I’m cut out for “business”.

Although, the fashion is kind of amazing. Think of all the sexy-executive pencil skirts . . . ;)

So glad I’m back to writing this. I feel like i’m in the writing zone. Yay!


I see the decorations are out at all the stores now. Skip over Hallowe’en, I guess. Damn, I miss the USA. Nothing like Hallowe’en in America. Ha. I’m actually quite excited for Christmas this year. Normally it doesn’t really move me until quite close to actual present-getting. But I’m feeling the spirit. Plus, I wasn’t home for it last year, so I’m excited to be home for Christmas. Even though it will probably be 100 degrees. Ah, air-conditioning, love of my life.

Also, I have a particular Christmas-gift in mind. Normally I’m not really bothered, but this is something I actually want really badly.

A digital SLR camera.

Then I get to take pictures like this:

Yay! (Also, yes. You are not the only one to notice my epic mood swing of today, RE: my previous post. Bipolar??)

bridal shower cupcakes

I had some success with making the bridal shower cupcakes for my soon to be wed friend. Here they are, the shower is tomorrow so they are safely in the fridge for now . . .

Lots of fun making these; also I used a new type of icing which made decorating a lot easier!

Yum! Looking forward to tomorrow ;)

Highlights of the Week

Some pretty great things from this week:

(1) Reading Stephen King’s The Dark Half

So intense and scary, I actually have to read it during the day. At the beginning, (well, where I’m up to so far) there are a whole range of different characters who interrelate making different discoveries. King manages to capture the voice of each character without switching to first person writing. The time-line also jumps around pretty erratically, to keep pace, and yet it’s easy to follow. Very impressive. Violent death scenes are definitely Mr. King’s forté. Continue reading