Bruno Dayan/there must be angels in this city

Ohmygosh. I have just found the most exquisite fashion photography I have ever seen. I actually cannot express with all the words in my vernacular the amount of love I have for these pictures. I want to crawl inside on of them and live there forever. This is what people looked at when they made up the word “beautiful”. I am so very, very in awe. #infatuation

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Paris, Je t’aime

So I’m at my parents house going out of my mind.

Literally, I’m going crazy here. I love my parents, and it’s not them that’s making me insane, it’s this town. There is nothing to do. My days consist of going to the gym, eating sushi and renting old movies. All of this to you, casual reader, probably doesn’t sound too unbearable, until you do it for 3 months straight and start to develop a seafood allergy.

The odd thing is, I have so much free time and yet somehow the days get away from me. I’ve only done one or two photography shoots – the problem being there’s nothing to shoot. I went to the beach and got some beautiful beach shots, none of which I can upload on here because the internet is so damn slow. I’m working casually at a restaurant with some really fun people, but unfortunately all the tourists have disappeared thanks to Queensland becoming a disaster area. What they don’t realize is that our little area is fine, no floods, no fires, no raining sulphur. Just some sunny weather and sandy beaches.

Pictured: Queensland

I start back at university soon which I think will be a relief, even though I’m not feeling too enthused about any of my classes this semester. Still, at least I will be out of the house and working rather than sitting around. Just being at university and soaking up the ambiance of lots of smart people gathering makes me feel happy.

So my grand plan after I graduate (assuming I don’t fail any classes; but I’ve never failed any so I don’t see why I’m going to start now . . . ) is to get a full time job doing anything (excluding what you’re thinking of now, pervert.) so I can save up and go to Speos. This is a photography institute in Paris, France (in case you were thinking Texas) and they have like 6 month courses that get you all kinds of cool european qualifications. Plus it means I have an excuse to bum around Paris. ! I haven’t applied yet so I don’t even know if I’ll get in, or how hard that is.

So it fulfils my wanton need to travel, learn something I love doing and might possible get me the coolest job in the world. Maybe.

My parents seem to be desperate all of a sudden for me to get into advertising. (What they both do.) I’m not sure where this came from because I like WRITING and PHOTOGRAPHY. I don’t like bullshitting clients about why “Got Milk” is going to sell lots and lots of dairy. Not that it wouldn’t make me lots of money, but …. i’m just not sure it’s for me. I’m not a “corporate” type. I’m a quirk. I like to be on my own schedule, in some studio apartment in some european capital, drinking black coffee and writing about films. Or something like that. I don’t think I’m cut out for “business”.

Although, the fashion is kind of amazing. Think of all the sexy-executive pencil skirts . . . ;)

So glad I’m back to writing this. I feel like i’m in the writing zone. Yay!

bridal shower cupcakes

I had some success with making the bridal shower cupcakes for my soon to be wed friend. Here they are, the shower is tomorrow so they are safely in the fridge for now . . .

Lots of fun making these; also I used a new type of icing which made decorating a lot easier!

Yum! Looking forward to tomorrow ;)

I’ll find the prose in new ways

Salt Water

The beach was deserted. This was how she liked it best; no people around, making her feel like she was truly at the edge of the world, and that beyond that blue horizon was just endless unknown nothingness. She approached the water’s edge; staring into its green depths. Will it take me over? She was a little nervous of the water, what if the waves got too big? What if she got in too deep? But when she focused on the clear blue line of the horizon, an endless, ageless sea, a strange calm settled over her. Something odd happens to sand when the salt water drifts over it; it seems to sink into itself in impossible dimensions, and if you happen to be standing on it, it can be both unsettling and comforting. If you walk with the shoreline, it seems like the waves, however gentle, are trying to pull you into their watery grasp. It feels like you are walking with a living being, one who wants to coax you into its home, from which you probably wouldn’t ever leave. Wouldn’t ever want to leave. The ocean was a faithful friend, who never left her behind.

Several memories flashed into her head, drawing her away from the present and into the recesses of her mind.  The first was of when she was little, her mother clutching at her hand which ran red with blood. She’d been running on the gravel, for the beaches where she was at that age weren’t sandy, but were their own sea of pebbles. She liked to collect the pebbles, and a shining white one called out to her in the distance. She ran towards it, but then realized that while she knew how to run, she wasn’t sure how to stop. Easiest, quickest way seemed to just fall. So she did, and her hand caught on the edge of a sharp shiny pebble and made quick work of her soft baby skin. Her mother, running towards her, curls flying and 50s bathing suit making her giggle, grabbed her hand with worried eyes. The little girl stared at the cut for a while, matching the colour on her hand with her mother’s swimsuit. She didn’t cry, just said “Make it stop?” blue eyes wide with curiosity. Her mother led her to the water’s edge and stuck her hand in. “Salt water, cures everything.” She said, her lullaby voice sounding a hundred miles away…

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taste like valentine’s

I like to bake when I’m trying to think. I made sweetheart cupcakes; it was kind of appropriate to what I was thinking about.

I contemplated my choices as I poured the cupcake mix into the polka dot paper cups. I spend so much time daydreaming it’s difficult to assess what’s real any more. I spend so much time analysing it’s impressive I get anything done at all. The easiest choice, as it always is, is to just do nothing. It’s safe, and familiar, and I am happy.

But what if there is more? More passion, more happiness, more love? But what if it’s just a fantasy? A stupid, wild dream that has no basis in reality and that will fade ‘like a dream upon waking’ if I actually made it happen?

So afraid of being alone, because of my own self-sabotage. This is a choice I’ve made before. Maybe I should just accept what I decided then and trust it was the right thing to do. Somehow though, I can’t get the “what if” out of my head. I can’t ignore the butterflies in my stomach, my racing heart. Is it excitement? Or fear?

The epiphany came as I made the frosting. Pour sugar. It’s not really about them, it’s about me. Add butter. It’s about who I should be versus who I am. Stir. The question is, can I get out of the “should be” mould? Refrigerate. Do I want to? Ice cupcakes.

Would I like myself better? Taste.

Click ‘More’ to see more photography. x
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Jackpot Noodle Box!

As interior decorating is such a personal endeavour, I’ve always found if you want it done right, do it yourself. Which is why I have taken up making my own things to decorate my space with. (It may also be that I have no job, no study, and no boyfriend on this continent/hemisphere.) All that aside, it’s still actually quite fun and not at all “I have no life” once you get started. Anyway while I was perusing shops today (note: by perusing I actually mean dashing madly to the Maroochydore post-shop where I had my passport-renewal interview, which is behind the BigTop Centre and NOT in the Sunshine Plaza as I had wrongly assumed. Late for my ‘interview’ and panicking, I found out that it wasn’t an interview at all, you just take the form to the counter, they stamp it and charge you 287 dollars.) Anyway, after this intense drop in my bank balance, I still managed to find the courage to shop around, and found these gorgeous little noodle boxes, which I hastily bought.

Mini Noodle boxes are possibly the cutest, most versatile thing in the world! They make a really personal, thoughtful gift or add some of your design-savvy style to your room/house. I decided to do a test run of decorating one, and it turned out super!

The Plain Noodle Box!

The Finished Box: I used this one as a pen pot.

They make really cute gifts, as pen pots, jewellery boxes, whatever really; or you could even use it as a wrapping for another gift. I bought these at Lincraft for $2.49 for a pack of 6.