‘Marine Commando Diet’ – An Experiment

So I am always looking for miraculous weight-loss remedies that will transform me into Kate Moss (I know it always boils down to diet and exercise, but hear me out). A lovely girl at work has introduced me to the ‘Marine Commando Diet’ and for a bit of a laugh I have decided to give it a go. Samantha certainly was not overweight in any sense, but after trying this she definitely looked slimmer. I have to check if she did it for one or two weeks – I think only one. She also said she did about four sessions of moderate exercise, so I’ll chuck those in too – mostly walking the dog, but I may find time for a HOT YOGA session. (HOT YOGA always deserves all caps).

You can find the details of the diet here. It consists of a LOT of eggs, protein, vegetables, fruit and not much else. It says black coffee is allowed but I’m taking tea (because, come on, I can’t function without it.) My experiment is to see what (if any) weight I lose and whether I feel awful or OK. I am definitely taking inspiration from Dawn Porter’s documentary ‘Super Slim Me’ which is fabulous and you should watch if you have an hour or so.

Here goes!

Starting details: Weight 65kgs. (*disclaimer: I do not consider myself overweight. Just average.) Height 170cm (not expected to change).

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